This blog is sponsored by the School Development Support Agency and was initially written by Chief Executive and former Headteacher, Peter Chilvers. It is an attempt to provide some uplifting words for teachers, to maintain a focus upon what makes teaching special.

We hope this blog makes a small positive contribution to your work in schools.

A little bit about the SDSA

The SDSA has existed and developed as a not-for-profit organisation supporting schools and children’s services for over 15 years. Since our creation we have been commissioned to support the ‘system’ in a number of ways. In particular, we have supported high level networking and communication to sustain partnership working in education and children’s services. We now find that our contribution to support the development of the school-led improvement system is more relevant than ever before.

The trademark of the SDSA’s approach is our conviction that the solutions to most improvement challenges are to be found in schools, usually close to the ‘front line’. What the system needs to improve are facilities that enable the effective practice to be shared. The SDSA is therefore proud of its role as a facilitative organisation, rarely standing up at the front as the ‘expert’ but almost always quietly supporting colleagues in well-organised activities to collaborate around a clearly articulated common purpose to address priority needs.

The SDSA’s strengths are in managing projects, programmes and partnerships that are well organised, deliver clear outcomes and always come in on budget and on time. We have a great project management team as well as the group of fantastic associates who work with us. Our ability to call upon such people with specialist expertise and experience make us a unique partner for schools.

The School Development Support Agency (SDSA) is delighted to help build the improvement capacity of schools, especially as they work in groups. Whether you’re working together as a group of Teaching Schools, as a Multi-Academy Trust, as a Local Authority collaboration or as an informal group of schools, we will have something for you, just get in touch via www.sdsa.net.

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