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Seeing the family’s bigger perspective on the life of their child

I’ve sat on both sides of the Parents’ Evening table and understand the curious state of nervousness it can invoke. The very fact that we so often set up the room sitting across desks makes for a somewhat unusual two-sided interaction. On the teachers’ side there’s often a nervous anticipation of personal criticism for not […]


Don’t under-estimate the importance of the things you achieve with your pupils this year. The rest of their lives can be shaped by how successful you make them feel

As teachers we are taught and then managed to devote almost all of our time and effort to deliver the explicit curriculum. By that I refer to the planned experiences that we want our pupils to engage with, in the hope that they will make progress as a result. And this seems right, as anything […]


Cherish each young life and celebrate every day with them. In the end, little else really matters.

When my own children started school I developed a new perspective on our work in schools. Up until that point I’d considered that local families were lucky that their children attended our school and that they should be appreciative of the quality of education we provided. It concerned me a little when some parents saw […]

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